What are _THEY_ Cooking?

Recent news on the co-branding front is somewhat unappetizing. Ride-hailing service Lyft announced it is partnering with Taco Bell to make it easier for people to stop for a quick snack on the ride home.


Brands are not just logos: they’re networks of memories and experiences, and as such are highly influenced by input from the five senses. And if you’ve ever been forced to sit next to someone on public transit who is eating a Big Mac and fries, you know how disagreeable that experience can be. I’m sure it tastes great to them, though.

Well, now your next Lyft ride could reek of someone else’s Beefy Potato-rito Box. There might also be a nice dollop of that crappy packaged taco sauce lurking on the seat, just waiting to make friends with your freshly-dry-cleaned white suit. The greasy door handle will make sure you carry the whole experience with you even after the ride is over.

Your five senses are going to be taking this all in, and I don’t think it’s going to be a net gain for Lyft’s brand.