[Sep 15 Webinar Invitation] Challenging Realities in Insurance: How to Engender Brand Trust?

How to engender brand trust and disrupt an industry at the same time?

Insurance is critical to the success of any business, and this vital function has resulted in some of the most stable, trusted, and recognizable brands in the world. A number of these venerable insurance brands, however, seem content with the status quo, accepting not just outdated, manual processes but in fact profiting from the inertia these cumbersome processes create. It’s an industry that’s ripe for disruption, but how can a disruptor brand build trust while upending the furniture at the same time?

Please join us on Thursday, September 15 at 11 am PT, as Chromium’s Managing Principal, Tony Wessling has a conversation with Matt Miller of Embroker , a new, tech-savvy entrant into the moribund world of commercial insurance.

Learn the challenges Embroker is facing as it works to engender trust, at the same time it challenges the long-accepted conventions of the broker-policyholder relationship that is the bedrock of the industry.