[Webinar Invitation]  Wednesday,  Aug 24 at 11 AM PT/2 PM ET: Financial Services: Map a Customer Experience & Build Loyalty

Financial Services: Map a Customer Experience & Build Loyalty

When customers buy a service, they purchase a set of intangible activities carried out on their behalf. But when they buy an experience, they pay to spend time enjoying a series of memorable events — as in a theatrical play. Experiences engage them. And then they tell others.

Thoughtful financial services firms that provide experiences – rather than efficient service – build inspiring brands. Customer interactions become proactive and controllable rather than reactive and scattered. Likewise, employees feel empowered and enthused rather than insignificant and uninvolved.

Determining how to rebuild each step of the customer or prospect journey leads to better knowledge around what customers seek. Business owners can transform their firms by delivering experiences.

Please join us on Wednesday, August 24 at 11 AM PT/ 2 PM ET, as Dennis Moseley-Williams, Principal of DMW Strategic Consulting; and Peter van Aartrijk, Principal of Chromium Brand+Culture, lead a webinar discussion around the brand psyche behind customer experiences. We’ll cover:

  • Value
  • Promise
  • Loyalty
  • Authenticity
  • Brand

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