[June 14 Webinar Invitation] Reinventing the Customer Relationship: Financial Services Reborn

The financial services industry is converging along delivery channel, product and platform lines to reflect on-demand consumer interest. The online and mobile experiences have set new expectations for users. Transparency, simplicity and “friction-less” rule the day. Innovative brands are competing with a visionary promise (Mint, Square, Simple, Dwolla and SmartyPig, to name a few), where the brand experience is measured by prospects and customers. 

Considering three macro trends that are changing the financial industry – social and cloud access, internal and external client centricity, and a quantum leap in data insights and big data – reinventing the relationship with the customer means committing to developing a durable in-house advantage.

You’re invited to a Coffee Chat Webinar on Tuesday, June 14 at 11 a.m. PT/ 2 p.m. ET, as we unpack the development impact in FinTech, as well as the convergence of financial services, to build out a unique value prop that drives the brand experience.


Discussion points will include: 

•   Staying abreast of channel evolution
•   The emergence of alternative finance sources
•   Leveraging data to drive the internet of things
•   Committing to a strategic response to convergence
•   Models for engaging with FinTech

The chat will be hosted by William Trout, senior analyst with Celent’s wealth management practice; and Peter van Aartrijk, principal with Chromium’s financial services practice.

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