[Webinar Invitation] Forming a Strong Brand in an Innovative World

Building a strong brand in today’s hyper-connected financial services world requires innovation and clarity in the promise and fulfillment through service delivery.

The branding process identifies how your product or service supports your customer’s needs, values and beliefs. An authentic story and voice elevates the promise and puts your brand at the forefront of innovation.

We invite you to an AfterMarket Webinar on Tuesday, March 8, at 4 PM ET, for a discussion around industry trends and recommendations for leading your brand with clarity and trust.


Discussion points will include:

  • The pillars of brand building – how to create awareness, engagement and loyalty from the inside out.
  • How truly innovative companies make communicating purpose a core brand competency.
  • What the corporate brand can do to cultivate purpose
  • How innovative personal brands can stand out.


The chat will be hosted by Gerri Leder, founder and president ofLederMark Communications; and Peter van Aartrijk, principal of Chromium Brand+Culture Consultancy.