Chromium’s Core Values

Why are these our values? Here are some details:

Question the Quo: We’re always asking why — both of our clients and ourselves. Is there a better way? Are our assumptions valid? Complacency is the enemy of innovation.

Foment Innovative Thinking: It’s remarkable what happens when the neurons are firing, and we always work to find ways to keep the juices flowing.

Respond Quickly and Generously: Don’t you hate it when someone doesn’t get back to you? Or after a week of silence you get a cryptic, one-word answer? We hate it, too, and refuse to be the purveyors of such disrespect.

Communicate Genuine Gratitude: One of the top reasons a team member leaves a company? Because nobody bothered to thank them for their participation and achievements. It’s easy to say “Thanks!” once or twice a day, and it makes a big difference. We’re big thankers.

Foster a Positively Dynamic Team: We want to work with people who add sparkle, can get things done, and even pull the occasional rabbit from a hat. We think our clients will like those kinds of people, too.

Give Science and Creativity Equal Respect: There’s a lot to be said for listening to data; There’s a lot to be said for listening to your gut.

Stay Curious and Concerned About Humanity: We are optimistic about the future of our world, and we believe that it is human ingenuity that will get us to that future.

Promote Collective Efforts and Shared Experiences: It’s a short ride, this life. There is a deep and meaningful satisfaction to be found in working with others to build things that are worthwhile.

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